A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A challenging brainfuck puzzle

The goal of HexCity is to achieve the highest score. Simple enough.

Placing Requirements

Here where the challenge lives : To place a building you need to meet every requirement that the building has.

Building Requirement
Worker house Farm
Farm Not next to another farm
Mine Worker house
Wind Turbine Worker house
Factory Worker house, mine and wind turbine
Market Worker house, wind turbine and factory
Bank Worker house, wind turbine, mine and market
Rocket Worker house, wind turbine, factory and bank


Each building you place will increase your score by this amount :

Building Score Value
Worker house -1
Farm -1
Mine 1
Wind Turbine 1
Factory 2
Market 3
Bank 5
Rocket 8

Special tiles

Color Name Effect
Light green Grass None
Blue Water Cannot place a building on this tile
Beige Sand Score is not calculated on this tile
Dark green Forest Score is doubled on this tile


HexCity 1.0.1 21 MB
HexCity LD38 21 MB

Install instructions

It is a .Jar file, so you will need the Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

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